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Balancing a full time job in the automotive industry, actively participating as one of the leaders of BPCDubs and organizing massive scale events such as the Port Townsend Drive is no easy feat. Add to this laundry list of duties the ability to cover the event for one of the most renowned magazines in the scene and you have only a glimpse of how busy Dion and Jamie really get when show season gets underway.

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But that is exactly the feat that they pulled during the weekend of┬áMarch 7th, earlier this year, making the event a huge success and one of the most heavily attended drives in the Pacific Northwest. Working closely with the City of Port Townsend, Achtun!ng was able to secure permissions to utilize their local stadium as parking grounds, which provided not only a more cohesive environment but also a single location where to see most of the attendee’s vehicles together, providing everyone with a place to hang out and get a good idea of the scale of the event.

Most of us were in attendance this time around and couldn’t have asked for a better experience, cold weather aside. We’re already looking forward to next year, which is already right around the corner!

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