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Where: Cruise to Bellingham from Lynnwood via Chuckanut Drive
When: May 12, 2012 at 10:00 am.
Why: To enjoy a cruise with fellow European car enthusiasts and to support Childhaven.
Who: All European car enthusiasts

This is the 4th Annual Chuckanut Cruise brought to you by BPCDubs. The charity we are raising donations for is Childhaven.*

If you haven't had the chance to make it out to this drive yet, it is absolutely fantastic. Forests and trees line one side of the road, while the sound is on the other side. It’s a very scenic drive with amazing photo opportunities throughout the twisting roads. You don't want to miss the driving experience this road has to offer!

History of the cruise:
In 2009, the first year of this cruise we had over 55 cars in attendance and collected almost 400 pounds of food for Northwest Harvest.
In 2010, we had around 60 cars in attendance and collected over 250 pounds of food for Northwest Harvest.
Last year again, attracted over 60 cars, and all proceeds went to Paws.

Where to meet:
Lynnwood Park & Ride
164th St SW & Ash Way, Lynnwood, WA

We will be meeting at the Park and Ride at 10am. We will be at the Ash Way park and ride for around an hour to give people the time to show up, park, mingle and have the chance to donate to Childhaven.


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1. Please have a full tank of gas upon arriving at the Lynnwood P&R
2. Please make sure you have used the restroom; we won't stop until we get to the The Weblocker Restaurant in Bellingham
3. Please bring a copy of the map and directions so that you are familiar with the route in case you are separated. We will also have printed directions at the event too. To make it easier on everyone, our group will also spread out throughout the cars to lead people to the Weblocker.
4. Please always feel free to ask questions.

This year we have decided to raise donations for Childhaven.

Childhaven is located in Seattle and their mission is, to prevent and stop the cycle of abuse and neglect through scientifically-supported programs that protect and treat children aged one month through five years, and their families.

You can read all about their charity at

This year we will be collecting donations in forms of cash, or personal checks made out to Childhaven. You can also donate online by visiting Childhaven website.

Route from the Lynnwood Park & Ride to Bellingham, leaving at 10:30am:

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There are no planned group stops along the way since there are very few stopping points once we get off I-5 and onto Chuckanut Drive.

1:00 – 1:30pm: ** 1st Stopping Point: Lunch at The Weblocker Restaurant **
Arrive in downtown Bellingham via N. Forest St.*
Meet at:
The Weblocker Restaurant
734 Coho Way
Bellingham, WA 98225
They have delicious burgers and sandwiches, fish and chips. Etc. This is Tstmstr's restaurant. *
People are welcome to have lunch wherever they please, but this will be our first stopping point. If you would like to eat somewhere else, just meet the group at our final destination at Larrabee State Park.

4:00pm: ** 2nd Stopping Point: Larrabee State Park **
245 Chuckanut Drive
Bellingham, WA 98229


Once we arrive at Larrabee Park we will have the opportunity to take pictures, hang out, and enjoy the awesome PNW European car enthusiast community! There is a beach just a short walk away, so grab a frisbee to throw around. At this point in the day, people can hang out as long as they want and depart when they wish. You can either take Chuckanut Road back to the Seattle area, or hop on I5 for a quicker drive home.

The route that we currently have planned is 80 miles each way from Lynnwood to Bellingham.
Now that all of the fun informational stuff has been addressed, the serious stuff needs to be discussed.


This is without a doubt our #1 concern.
We all will be driving as a group, and as a group, we all represent the European car enthusiast community. No one is to do any burnouts, illegal lane changes, or any passing on the shoulder. Everyone needs to keep their speed under control and make sure that they are not following cars in front of them too closely, whether they are with our group or not. SAFETY is paramount; do not drive like an idiot! Please do not make us have to call the police on any vehicles that are not driving in a safe manner.

Please make sure that you are allowing other vehicles that are not part of our cruise to merge onto the highway. You don’t need to worry about being separated from the rest of the group. It is extremely unsafe to do this and we are not in a race to get to our destination, it’s called a cruise for a reason. Drive respectfully, safely, and courteously to everyone around you.

This thread will be modified as we make updates or clarifications.

Stay tuned for more BPCDubs cruises and events in the future.


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