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A small contingent of BPC cars made its way to Langley, B.C. for this year's Great Canadian Volkswagen Weekend. A few of our members had already been there since Friday but the rest made our way north Saturday morning. The drive up was great and we couldn't have asked for better weather. Shortly after arriving, we checked in at the chosen hotel to freshen up for a bit and get the festivities started. Afterward, we started the drive towards Boston's, where the Great Canadian staff along with local B.C. clubs DVKK and The Dub Allstars, traditionally hold a Casual Show Shine n' Dinner which was a fantastic time.

The festivities didn't quite stop there, as we made our way towards a private party shortly afterward where we spent a few hours enjoying some Canadian hospitality and mingling with the the rest of the regional enthusiasts along with several other American friends that made the drive up for the weekend. Our heartfelt thanks go out to Ben Zeno for his hospitality! It was a great time.

Sunday morning got started quite early with a short drive up to the Langley Convention Centre, where the show was being held. After a quick set up and dusting of the cars, we were all set up in our respective classes.

The quality of the cars on display was certainly impressive throughout the weekend but it was certainly here where the mix or aircooled and watercooled cars was at its best. We were also thrilled to see how air & water mix without issue up in the Great White North – something which usually doesn't happen on U.S. soil. We certainly wish the U.S. VW and Audi community was as tight knit as the Canadian scene is. We can definitely learn a lot of how the Canadians do it – they definitely have it pat down.

Documentation of the weekend's festivities is a bit lacking on our end, only bothering to take a few shots of the show which can be seen below. We chose to spend our time mingling with friends, making new ones and reconnecting with old ones – which after all, is what these events are all about.

Congratulations to Bird, Pavel, Jim and Jesse for placing in their respective classes! I know I speak for everyone in BPC when I say we can hardly wait for next year. In the meantime, here's a handful of photos to hold you over.