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BPC Dubs is a Volkswagen & Audi enthusiast organization based in the Seattle Metropolitan area. To the casual onlooker, we’re just a group of friends that like to hang out and drive our cars together. But BPC is cooler than that.

BPC Dubs is an organized group of people that strives improve our local communities through the sponsorship and organization of events and drives that collect donations for local charities. We feel this will form a positive image of the Volkswagen & Audi enthusiast in the eyes of the public at large.


BPC Dubs doesn’t discriminate against anyone based on the quality of their vehicle. What we concern ourselves with is character and the quality of the people as people with neither just cramp our style. The nature of our bond and enthusiasm is the love for our vehicles and the open road but also to nourish a sense of community and brotherhood in the Volkswagen & Audi scene in the Pacific Northwest and beyond.


Thanks again for stopping by! Feel free to browse around, look at our list of current running crew members or take a peek at our cars in the “media” page. You can send us a note through the contact page if you have any questions.

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